How it functions

Nutritional support everywhere and every time

The first online platform

It’s the first time something like this has been introduced in Greece.

This specific idea has the following innovations:
1. It’s the first time a dietitian-nutritionist has offered their services through an online platform in a professional, private 45-minute session taking into their account their needs.
2. It’s the only network which consists of expert scientists and you have the opportunity to contact with them anytime at your own pace in order to be directed and offered their nutritional knowledge with a varied 15-day diet.
3. Our services are available on pc, laptop and a tablet.
4. As time goes on, our people are willing to provide even more specialized services

Make your life easier

With simple steps you can have access in all of our services from every corner of the world.The ‘’gaias diet’’ is a useful tool and a way to benefit from the continuous presence of our scientists at your home who is able to pay attention to your nutritional behavior whenever and wherever you want.


Dietary support for every man, woman and child:

- The abilitity of online communication in real time (surveillance, telediagnosis).
- The ability of transmitting specialized information from our experienced scientists (nutritionists-dietitians).

Telemedicine is an added value, not just a cure. Most importantly, people sitin front of their computer to import their data.They learn to assess themselves in cooperation with our scientists (dietitians-nutritionists) so as to achieve their goal: a healthy weight without purposeless movements and anticipation. The ‘’gaiasdiet’’ was designed to influence the configuration and the modification of the nutritional behavior for better nutritional daily choices which are adapted to each one separately. There will be a diet based on their needs and their nutritional preferences with the intention not only to lose weight and be prevented from diseases, which ‘’blame’’ the nutrition for being a factor of their manifestation, but also to improve and protect their health.

The goals of network functions through telemedicine are related to our patients and our members too.

A. There is the provision of valid and prompt diagnosis as well as curative assistance so as to avoid aimless movements in pursuit of an expert. if the movement is obligatory, the safest way will be provided.

B. About our members: the development of their abilities and the improvement of the sanitary services which are provided.


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