Once upon a time deep darkness was covering our world…And then the Gaia was born and through her everything!

And so the darkness started retreat and beans of light started ripping the air. And what about people? This bizarre creature who adores material? And through material they they struggle to stand out?

If you don't form the soil with love, it will be just mud.
Will we ever deny our nature?
We mumble, we need to let go our perishable and human nature.

And we have thought of something ... to adore whatever will adore us...

The first goddess that men worshipped, the land, whose name was Gaia.

She gave food and shelter, she kept the creation warm and cool…

We gave ther the most honourable position in legends. We said that she gave birth to the sky, the sea, the mountains, the gods and the humans.
The plan seemed to achieved.

She thought that the man was so special that she made him her master.
The man became a creator as well. So he started ''sivilizing'' Gaia.

The man started being on diet...

But this way of life was strange: salty, sweet, sour, bitter.
Everything was in it.

She only suggested a mysterious way of life. You only needed all your senses to enjoy it. and achieve the balance that you need in order to feel complete..

Isn't this the greatest of all?

And everything started -again?- getting confusing.

The sound, the taste, the picture, the smell, the touch.

Because Gaia deprived nothing from the man.

And it still stands.

Despite the difficulties, she will be here!

And so do us..
Everywhere, Forever!

Once upon a time...