Welcome to The (which soon will be called “Site”) has been established and operated by the scientist dietitian -nutritionist IOANNA, Theodoros, BASILAKOPOULOU resident of Patras (Georgiou Papandreou 44), tax number 079177510 C Tax Office, Patras, who soon will be referred as “mediator”. The main purpose of this site is the mediation between experts scientists nutritionists -dietitians and clients, aiming the latter to take nutrition and wellness guidelines. Through this website, patients have the ability to choose one of the collaborating scientists and plan (having arranged the fees in advance) a session either via video call or through a simple telephone call. Before a visitor (who soon will be referred to as “user”) enters our online platform and browses our website, they should read carefully the following terms and conditions which are applied specifically το the use of the above described mediation ability. They should make sure that they agree with all the conditions of the use of the site. The use of our electronic pages and services (from the visitor / user) implies full acceptance of the conditions of use which are valid as far as the content of our website is concerned. The mediator has the right to amend by their side or update these terms according to their needs and the payment policy. They are obliged to inform users of any modifications and any changes happening through the website. It is clarified that changing the conditions and terms do not concern sessions that have already been arranged. At the same time, they have the right to restrict, suspend, terminate or deny the access and the use of the Services at any time without notice to anyone who violates these Terms of Use, for safety reasons as well as for copyright protection. It is emphasized that the use of web services involves no extra charge beyond the current tariff scheme for the general access to the internet which is paid to the relevant third party suppliers only. The site has the ability to host links through which the user has the possibility to be transferred to sites that the mediator does not handle. This hospitality has only informative purposes and the mediator has no responsibility for both the content and the advice that these sites are likely to offer.


All the content of the website, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, videos, logos and generally all archives, is the intellectual property of either the mediator or the intellectual property of a third party for which the mediator has obtained the necessary license. This content is protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. For these reasons, any copying, re-publishing, distribution, transfer or creation of derivative works based on this content is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the moderator. The appearance and display of images, badges, and logos on this site should under no circumstances be considered as a concession or a licensing of use. In order to make any electronic contact with the website, it is necessary to create a personal account on it. For access to this account, it is necessary to fill in the email address and a personal password, which the user chooses and knows only. It is possible to change the personal password and the e-mail address as often as the user wants. The only person who has access to these data is the user himself through the above codes, who is also solely responsible for maintaining their secrecy and hiding them from third parties. In case of loss or leakage of these codes, the user should immediately notify the site’s responsible to prevent the use of personal secret codes by an unauthorized person. If this notice does not take place, the mediator bears no responsibility for this use. The moderator recommends the user, for safety reasons, to change his password at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily detectable passwords. We also recommend that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols to create the individual security code. These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, alteration or destruction. They also help to verify that these items are accurate and are used correctly. Finally, our website is constantly expanding, updating, improving its services and updating this policy. It is recommended that the user read this procedure at regular intervals to be informed of any changes to this privacy policy. This policy may be changed from time to time without prior notice to users.


In order to gain access to the website and services, the user must declare and guarantee that he / she is at least eighteen years of age and has the legal right and ability on his / her behalf or for a minor child of which he / she is a parent or legal guardian, Agree to these terms of use. He must also state that he has filled in his account details accurately and honestly, including his name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address and password. The site reserves the right to maintain, delete or destroy all communications and information posted or sent to it in accordance with its internal regulations for the preservation and destruction of records.

2.-How It Works

Our website offers telemedicine services in medical nutrition therapy (which will soon be referred to as “services”) and allows users to choose to cooperate with one of the registered scientists dietitians-nutritionists included in the special list, in order to analyze for them their medical history and take appropriate dietary advice.
These sessions will take place either by video or by a simple phone call and it becomes clear that the patient and the dietitian will not be in the same physical location. The user will have the possibility to check the available sessions of the scientist with whom they want to work with and to choose the session they prefer. The user’s preference is considered complete once the following message (or a similar content): “The session was scheduled. Thank you’ ’appears in the screen.
At the same time, an email to the contact address, which the user is required to notify during the selected session and scientist, is sent automatically. Within two (2) days and in any event not less temporal distance of five (5) hours from the start of the session, the user is obliged to pay the price of the session, currently defined in the amount of forty (40) euro.
Finally, the user should select the method of payment. The provided options are two: (a) Payment by credit or debit card. The site accepts all Visa and MasterCard credit cards and all debit cards of banks that operate legally in the Greece. These transactions are protected by maximum security systems, which guarantee a secure environment in the world’s largest corporations.
To complete the payment by credit (or debit) card, the user is required to fill in the order form the number and the expiration date of the credit card. (B) Bank deposit. The user can pay in advance their order by depositing the amount of money in one of the following bank accounts (deposit reasoning always the number of his session:
BANK: EUROBANK, IBAN GR 670200830000980101758226
Then the user must send a copy of bank payment order by email to the email address of the mediator.
Note that the posted hour’s sessions and the ticking timer indicator site meet current time and users are obliged to take this label into account, regardless of their place of residence.


If, for any reason, the session (from the side of the scientist) does not take place , the user will immediately be informed by email and will maintain the ability to choose new session from the available sessions list of the specific nutritionists as well as they will have the ability to choose a different scientist. If they do not wish to exercise any of the two options, the mediator is obliged to give them a refund of the amount of money paid. The return must take place within ten (10) days from the cancellation of the session, in the same way according to which the payment had happened. If the user is not able to carry out the session for their personal reasons, they are obliged to inform immediately the mediator about their weakness, using the cancellation form – transfer date, which is found in the link: cancel-appointment. If the cancellation takes place up to twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled e session, the mediator is obliged to return to them the whole amount of money which has been paid. If the cancellation is done in time, which is less than twenty-four (24) hours but more than three (3) hours from the start of the session, the mediator is obliged to return to the patient the 50% of the money paid and if the cancellation takes place at a time which is less by three (3) hours from the start of the session, the mediator is not obliged to return any money. If the user cancels more than three (3) sessions over a period of one (1) month, the mediator will also have the right not to return the paid amount. The refund, which is provided, shall take place within ten (10) days from the date of cancellation of the session, and will be in the same way which the original payment had happened. The site is not responsible for any damage that would result from the delay or disruption to conduct the session, which will be due to extreme weather conditions, governmental and administrative actions, war or any other cause beyond its control.


During the session, it is likely that details about the medical history of user and personal information be requested by the scientist. All reviews and advice which the user receives from the cooperating dietitians should be checked by medical personnel. User is obliged to provide this information in full, without the slightest hidden medical condition, even if it is considered that it affects the nutritional treatment in a minor way. The user must complete the relevant form, which is on the site, declaring in the end that it contains all of the medical history and that they do not hide any relevant information. Advice on diet programs should be accepted as containing only general guidelines and the general instructions on food safety should be followed in detail in order to prevent food diseases, while the user is responsible to take appropriate measures to avoid allergies. It becomes clear that each cooperating dietitian – nutritionist is solely responsible for the correctness and the results of their guides which they provide. The website has no no responsibility for both the accuracy and the effectiveness of those directives. The dietitian is obliged to fully respect confidentiality and medical ethics, as defined in the applicable provisions.


The user has the opportunity to make suggestions to the website as well as to comment on the sessions they make, on a specific part of the website. During the exercising of this right, they must not insult the cooperating scientists or other users, even if they express their dissatisfaction or disagreement over the methods they follow. In the event that the user repeatedly violates this term, and regardless of any civil or criminal liability arising from their behavior, site operators reserve the right to prohibit the user from using the annotation capabilities initially and then from scheduling a session. The relevant decision will be communicated to the user by e-mail to the declared e-mail account.
Their comments, suggestions, and annotations which contain notes, works of art, or creations will become the exclusive property of the site. Then, the website has the ability to use these comments for any legitimate purpose. Of course, this term does not include personal data that are submitted by the user during his / her comment.
The user is unable to store or record all or part of the session on any computer or other device.


It is stressed again that the role of the mediator and the website is only about the definition and planning of each session. None of them does not have and should not have any right to intervene in the way each case is dealt by every cooperating scientist, nor any right to control the effectiveness of their method. They are responsible for neither any damage occurred to the user of any incorrect instructions given by the scientist, nor any financial loss. At the same time, they are not responsible for the handling of problems of the interpersonal relationship between the members of the session, since they will not be able to view it. The user accepts that for all these unpleasant developments, the only ability which will have against the interests of the mediator and the website is the cessation of the use of their services and cancellation of their account. Indicatively described, any errors or omissions in any field, any violation of any content copyright, user rights or third parties, any loss or damage, injury, loss of revenue, business interruption, program loss or other computer data which arise directly or indirectly from the use of this website will not hold any responsibility against the mediator and the website, even if they have been informed of the possibility of any corresponding incident.


For his best convenience, the user should contact with the mediator to the following phone number 2610 316 155. For any dispute that may arise from the implementation of this, responsible are the Patra’s Courts.